SASO Invite Read and Sign Up!!!

Posted by Danny Weber on Oct 13 2018 at 08:36PM PDT

November 3rd and 4th we will be attending the SASO Invitational at Solano Valley College.

This is going to be a unique and fun meet. There are two entry options and we will have swimmers in both. The meet program has been attached for you to look through.

QUALIFIED JUNIORS, SENIOR PREPS, SENIORS: We want you in the Trials Finals session. The qualifying standard is 11-12 Sierra Neveda JO times to be in this session for all ages. If you have one cut, you may enter up to 3 bonus events. Please see the meet program for time standards, but they are slower than the Pacific Swimming Standards and 9-10’s may enter with times that make the cut. Trials will be in the morning beginning at 8:30am with a mid day break before finals at night. ENTER TRIALS/FINALS HERE:

GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE: We want you to enter Timed Finals. There are no time standards for this session and one of the best parts of this session is that your swimmer doesn’t need to get up early for once! Their warm up will begin at 11:00am. ENTER TIMED FINALS HERE:

This is going to be a fun meet with lots of different things going on, including a DJ at the Finals session. It will also be fast meet with each session going quickly as this is an Invitational and the total number of teams is limited, unlike the meets we normally attend.


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